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What Are They Saying About Us?

Thanks for starting the best design magazine ever!

– David W. Orr, educator, author, and Director of Environmental Studies, Oberlin College
DESIGNER/builder Magazine cover

The editors are seeking to encourage change in how we conventionally design and build architecture through compelling, ‘real world’ examples… I use the articles in my classes. Unlike the conventional architectural media or much academic scholarship, the magazine is written in accessible and engaging language understandable to professionals, academics, and laypersons alike.

– Roberta Feldman, Co-director, City Design Center,
University of Illinois in Chicago

In the vast landscape of glossy architectural magazines, I find DESIGNER/builder to be the only voice of reason. The editors’ integrity and their commitment to cover important issues such as homelessness and the environment is commendable. The format of the magazine and the layout are, simply put, the way all media should be.

– Avi Friedman, Director, Affordable Homes Program
McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Of course we are thrilled by your wonderful article and appreciation of our human environment here in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. You have done a great job and DESIGNER/builder now is one of our big weapons in the Ratner fight.

– Patti Hagan, community activist, Brooklyn, NY
DESIGNER/builder Magazine cover

This magazine has become essential reading for all students, professionals, and activists interested in making and shaping a more livable, sustainable, and beautiful built environment. If it did not exist, DESIGNER/builder would have to be invented! Each bi-monthly issue contains a very readable mix of original essays, articles based on interviews, book excerpts, and opinion pieces dealing with all aspects of the built environment: the design of spaces big and small (suburb to museum gallery), cityscapes, architecture and architectural education, community development and revitalization, and issues of preservation, sustainability, and social justice. It is always a great source of up-to-date reading on important topics for my students.

– James Dickinson, Professor of Sociology,
Rider University, Lawrenceville, NJ

DESIGNER/builder is my FAVORITE magazine. It is the only magazine that I know of that focuses on the social and political aspects of architecture. People’s lives are shaped by architecture. DESIGNER/builder is a ray of pure daylight infiltrating a staid fluorescent office space, awakening its inhabitants to possibility.

– David Cooper Salamon, architecture student

Your December issue arrived this morning, and I’ve now read every word. You probably have the best, most responsible design magazine of all.

– Malcolm Wells, architect, builder, author

After more than fifty years of reading architectural journals, I believe that your publication relates more closely than any other to the real issues of my field…I am very grateful.

– George Pearl, architect, FAIA

DESIGNER/builder is near and dear to my heart. I read every word of every issue and think it’s very well written. I hold you and your magazine in the highest regard.

– Adrien DeWindt, DeWindt and Associates, Architects